Subscription Support

Subscription Support - CCBill Customer Service
If you need individual support for your subscription please contact CCBill Customer Service. Include the site name Nutabu, your username and subscription number (those have been sent to you by mail upon sign-up). If you have lost all of those details - no problem - they will still be able to find your subscription with other data they will ask from you (such as e-mail, CC-number, name, etc.).



Q: How can I playback the videos I downloaded?

A: If your computer is fairly new and operating system up-to-date, videos should play when opened with Windows Media Play (Windows) and Quicktime (MAC).

If you experience strange playback problems such as audio, but no video, or video, but no audio, your codecs may be out of date. The simplest solution is to download the most well-know, open-source, free video player, VLC. If you download videos from the internet often, this is the only video player you need. It will playback almost any format, and works with windows and mac.

Q: On my ipad/iphone, the video player shows the play button with a line across it. Why can't I play the video?

A: Please turn off private browsing in your browser. Go to iOS settings -> safari -> private browsing.

Q: Where do I find info about my account/subscription?

A: For your protection and privacy, only you and the credit card processing company, have access to your account details. To check the status of your account, please go to

Q: How do I open the ZIP files?

A: For easier downloading, the images are packaged in one file known as an archive. In windows and Mac, double-clicking or opening the file should reveal the contents. If not, try a wonderful free program called, 7zip

Q: When I try to download a file, nothing happens or the file downloaded is empty. Why?

A: If you waited a long time between visiting the download page, and choosing to download, the server might think you have moved on. Simply refresh/reload the page, and click on the download link again and it should work.

Q: Why are downloads or streaming slow?

A: Without knowing more detail about your internet access, I cannot determine the exact cause. I try to use the fastest and best servers, spread at key points around the world, to make sure you can follow my journey without interruption. If you are experiencing slow speeds, quickly head over to and test your connection. If speedtest is reporting your entire connection is slow, there may be some bottlenecks with your ISP.